Clean solutions for smooth operation

In the world of material handling, the safety and quality of your product is paramount. Impurities in the transported material can not only lead to problems, but also cause plant malfunctions or even damage. We see these challenges and offer you innovative solutions to minimize these risks.

Integrated magnetic separators for highest efficiency

Our closed plant systems with integrated magnetic separators set new standards in material processing. Our flexible systems are individually planned and arranged according to the requirements of our customers. Regardless of the type of your material and the conveying capacity, even the smallest ferromagnetic impurities can be reliably sorted out. The separated material is collected separately in a special collection box to ensure optimum separation.


Versatile and retrofittable

Our magnetic separators are extremely versatile and are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including sawdust, wood chips, recycled material, and shredded material. This innovative technology provides a comprehensive solution for various industries.


Flexibility in planning

At Steiner, we know that every operation is unique. Our magnetic separator systems are individually adapted to your needs. They are particularly suitable for applications such as pallet crushing. Even existing plants can benefit from our technology, as our systems can also be retrofitted.


Your partnership for clean solutions

Trust in our many years of experience and expertise. Contact us to learn more about how our closed plant systems with integrated magnetic separators can optimize your processes. We look forward to working with you to develop a customized solution that meets your needs.

Rigid conveyor with integrated FE parts separator

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