Rigid spiral conveyors from Steiner spirals bridge the gap between the robustness of classic screw conveyors and the flexibility of conveying spirals to enable high conveying rates for large, difficult materials to be conveyed. Spirals up to 800 mm in diameter and production in mild steel or stainless steel guarantee strong resistance for extremely powerful conveyor systems. Just like our flexible spirals, the rigid, shaftless spiral conveyors impress with low maintenance requirements. That is value that convinces!

Use of rigid conveying spirals from Steiner spirals

To integrate Rigid spirals in conveyor systems makes particular sense when a high conveying capacity has to be achieved . With our rigid, shaftless models, extremely high conveying capacities of up to 200 m³ per hour can be achieved. With a large production volume, this is an argument that convinces many of our customers.

  • The size of the conveyed material is unproblematic with a spiral diameter of up to 800 mm .
  • Rigid spirals are especially suitable for the conveying of long-fiber materials. Unlike a screw conveyor, there is no screw shaft around which long-fibered materials could wrap around during the conveying process.
  • Long conveying distances of up to 20 meters can be realized with only one drive , which has a positive effect on the acquisition costs and energy consumption of the conveying system.

See our spiral stock list to see which spirals we have currently in stock. Please feel free to ask us for them. Not the right one? From a minimum order quantity of 10 meters, we produce spiral dimensions as requested.

Low maintenance requirements are impressive in operation

For Steiner Spiralen, the focus is on developing conveyor systems with low maintenance requirements. An intensified competitive situation in production companies shows how important this approach of Steiner Spiralen is. Our conveying systems with rigid conveying spirals are also characterized by extremely low maintenance requirements. The absence of high-maintenance parts such as counter and intermediate bearings, as well as coupling pieces, make Steiner Spiralen's rigid spirals a robust element of conveyor technology.

Spare parts management at Steiner

Even an extremely robust conveyor system needs spare parts from time to time. Steiner spirals actively helps its customers to keep their inventory levels low. Long, rigid spirals in particular are difficult to store. We help our customers to do this with a fast spare parts service. This enables the uncomplicated ordering of components and extremely fast delivery.

Let us advise you on the use of rigid conveying spirals – the Steiner team looks forward to contacting you!