Efficient filling through individual planning

We offer customized solutions that are tailored exactly to your requirements. Our experienced engineers create custom CAD plans based on local conditions. This flexible plant design allows us to design both L-shaped and Z-shaped solutions that integrate seamlessly into your operations.


Customized solutions for highest demands

We understand that standard solutions do not always meet all the desired characteristics. That is why we offer special solutions that can be up to 30 meters high and 250 meters long. Our filling systems are not only developed to the highest technical standards, but also integrated into the architecture of your building. This creates a harmonious unit that optimally supports your operation.


Quality through thoughtful planning

At Steiner, we know that a successful conveyor system depends heavily on well thought-out planning. Our experts use their expertise to develop solutions that exceed your expectations. We take into account not only the technical requirements, but also the specific needs of your operation.

Your partner for advanced solutions

You can rely on our many years of experience in the industry and our passion for quality and innovation. With Steiner, you have found a partner who shares your quest for efficiency and performance.

Options for material intake:

  • Open receiving hopper
  • Receiving hopper with hydraulic folding lid
  • Protective grille according to valid standard
  • Protective grille incl. Vibratory motor for facilitated flow of the material
  • Receiving hopper sunk into the ground for feeding with truck / pusher / wheel loader / dump truck

In the bunker:

  • Simple drop
  • Uniform distribution with distributor pipe basket
  • Incl. Wall and ceiling mounts
  • Massive design

A selection of our projects