Unsurpassed versatility

Our conveying spirals are designed to capture the material directly under the moving floor – no matter in which direction the transport takes place. This outstanding feature makes our conveying spirals an ideal solution for any application, regardless of the push floor manufacturer. We understand that your operation includes a variety of machines and equipment, which is exactly why our conveyor spirals are designed for seamless integration into a wide range of environments. Compatibility is our promise.

Efficiency without compromise

Whether you have one or several delivery points, our spiral conveyor system enables material transport without the use of intermediate containers. Vertical conveying of the material is our strength, which at the same time opens up amazing flexibility. With the ability to bridge material across multiple floors, we are setting new standards in efficiency and performance. Even in challenging environments, we maintain control and deliver results that will impress you.

Trust in our expertise

With decades of experience and a team of professionals, we are the partner you can trust. We offer not only first-class products, but also comprehensive advice to find the optimal solution for your individual requirements. From planning to implementation, we accompany you with our expertise and commitment.

Discover the future of moving floor discharge with our spiral conveyor system.

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