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Rigid spiral conveyors for conveyor systems with high demands

Rigid spiral conveyors from Steiner Spiralen bridge the gap between robustness of classic screw conveyors and the flexibility of spiral conveyors in order to enable high volumes of large, awkward transport material to be transported. Spirals with diameters of up to 800 mm made in regular steel or stainless steel guarantee strong resiliency for extremely high performing conveyor systems. The rigid shaftless spiral conveyors are just as low maintenance as our flexible spirals. It’s a value that convinces!

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Using rigid spiral conveyors from Steiner Spiralen

Integrating rigid spirals in conveyor systems is particularly sensible when high delivery rate is needed. Our rigid, shaftless models achieve extremely high delivery rates of up to 200 m³ per hour.

For large production volumes, this is an argument that wins over many of our customers.

  • With a spiral diameter of up to 800 mm, the size of the transport material is no problem.
  • The rigid spirals are especially suitable for transporting long fibred materials. There is no worm shaft that can catch long fibres in materials during the conveyor process, unlike with screw conveyors.

Long transport ways of up to 20 meters can be handled with one drive, which has a positive impact on the procurement costs and energy consumption of the conveyor system.

Low maintenance while in operation

For Steiner Spiralen, the development of conveyor systems with low maintenance reqirements is a priority. Increased competition in production companies shows how important Steiner Spiralen’s approach is. Even our conveyor systems with rigid spiral conveyors are characterised by extremely low servicing needs. By avoiding high-maintenance parts, such as counter bearings and interim bearings as well as coupling pieces, Steiner Spiralen’s rigid spirals become a robust component in the conveyor technology.

Wear parts management at Steiner Spiralen

Even an extremely sturdy conveyor system needs a wear part from time to time. Steiner Spiralen actively assists its customers to keep their store of parts low. Special, long rigid spirals are hard to store. We help our customers with our fast wear part service. (Spiral stock list) This makes uncomplicated ordering of components and our extremely fast delivery possible.