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Custom spiral conveyors for recycling materials

Spiral conveyor inclined, conveyed material: Sewage sludge
Förderspirale schräg Fördergut: Klärschlamm

Transporting recycling materials presents particular challenges for conveyor technology. The spiral conveyors for recycling materials need to be able to withstand materials with very different properties, unlike when transporting raw materials in industrial production processes or homogenous material such as granulates or pellets.

In addition, the sturdiness in regards to environmental influences cannot be underestimated as a decisive factor for the longevity of the conveyor system as a whole.

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Do you value precision? So we do!
To create your personal offer, as much detailed as possible, it is alwaysa good idea to send us a sketch in which you describe shortly the use. Of course, not a must, but it's more accurately with a sketch.

(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:

Shaftless spiral conveyors from Steiner Spiralen meet these conditions optimally. Depending on the area of use, either rigid or bendable spiral conveyors can be used.

Rigid steel spiral conveyors are used primarily for transporting coarse-grained recycling material (partial lengths up to 200 mm) and are also the best for vertical conveyor systems. Longer transport routes (up to 30 m without interim bearings) can also be best executed with steel spirals.

Flexible steel spiral conveyors are extremely low maintenance and can transport material through curves and around corners.

Both versions have one decisive advantage: Because there is no central shaft, very heterogeneous materials can be transported. That prevents large parts and long fibred material from getting stuck and assures smooth transport.

Advantages of Steiner spiral conveyors for recycling materials

Steiner offers one decisive advantage as a partner for your transport system for recycling materials: You are not just getting a spiral conveyor that is suitable for a certain material. You are individually planning your entire system for transporting your materials when you work with Steiner Spiralen. Rigid or bendable spirals are modified exactly to your needs. That takes the special challenges of recycling materials into account:

  • varied granulation in the material
  • varied consistency in the material
  • varied dimensions of the transport components
  • optimal transport of long-fibred materials
  • Humid and wet material
  • Oil residues and other problematic materials


Other advantages:

  • High operating safety
  • Low energy consumption
  • Delivery rate up to 200 m3/hr
  • Almost service- and maintenance-free

Your conveyor system is individually designed for your project with Steiner Spiralen. Whether you need to transport problematic materials, sludge or materials of heavy consistency, Steiner Spiralen will find the best solution.

Especially in the area of recycling, there are always new and individual requirements for a conveyor system that cannot be handled by standard solutions. The challenges facing a conveyor system for recycling materials are particularly varied with something new always coming along, whether it’s oil-contaminated material, closed filled containers or materials with specific viscosities.

That’s why frequently conducting transport tests is a practical way to test the feasibility of a design for transporting your material the most efficiently, particularly in this sector. The Steiner Spiralen team has conducted many such tests over its many years and is well versed.

Steiner Spiralen has extensive experience in designing and implementing individual conveyor systems for problematic recycling material - Contact us and we can help you find the most efficient solution for your needs!