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Large plants (from 60 kW up to 5mW boiler capacity)

For a preliminary illustration of you planned project, we rely on modern planning by CAD. So you can get in advance a picture of your project. That helps you to consider any difficulties already in the planning phase. The project should be according to your wishes and requirements. Not vice versa!

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Which wood pellets have to be transported?

Which boiler are you using?

(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:

Do you value precision? So we do!
To create your personal offer, as much detailed as possible, it is alwaysa good idea to send us a sketch in which you describe shortly the use. Of course, not a must, but it's more accurately with a sketch.

(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:

Based on plan cutouts, or sketches with details of the size of the pellet boiler, the pellets requirement and the storage space usage is determined. This ranges starting from one conveyor line to complex systems with 4 to 6 bunker lines and cross conveyor spirals of up to 60 m throughout the building. Height differences of the storage room/boiler room up to 20 m can be realized by us. Also storage rooms with 8 m filling height or extractors prepare us no problems. Because of this broad range of possibilities, we have the right alternatives for round extractors and slanted floors.


Our systems are created in a 3D program where you also get the exact data for wall and ceiling openings. The 3D models can be maintained in the existing building services planning to have a collision test with other supply and disposal lines or to have a complete stand. We will send you binding offers. The planning and proposal preparation is of course free! We place great emphasis on the gentle transport of the pellets. With our system there is no "drive level" between the conveyor lines. This advantage of pellet dosage we also use in the area of bag silos. Up to 5 bag silos in series ("cascade") with direct feed, or 5 U-trough-bag silos with cross-promotion on one or more boilers are also possible.


We can arrange our systems so that your bunker is emptied uniformly - no matter how many boilers are designed for base load and peak load. Would you like to upgrade from your oil heating to pellets? No problem, here you can still use your old oil tank. We take care of the interpretation tank abstraction, including the conveying of the pellets to the boiler, with indication of the construction measures.


Pellets receiving hopper:

These are available in 3 different versions:


  • Well-proven and thereby proven system
  • To run with or without a slanted floor
  • For mounting on the floor
  • Pellet receiving at the side of the receiving hopper
  • High flexibility due to variable arrangement
  • For storage rooms up to 25 m length
  • Up to 18 receiving hopper per line


  • Complete emptying of the pellet-storage
  • Runs with slanted floor
  • Available in lengths from 0.48 to 1.44 meters
  • Maximum expanding length: 14 meters

Note: The slanted walls have to be prepared by the customer.

The construction of the V-hopper promotes an easy connection


  • Silo connection with a diameter of 250 mm and cone grip
  • Simple mounting on the bag silo by means of clamp
  • Emptying several silos in series with only one spiral conveyor
  • Installation height under bag silo minimum 210 mm