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Conveyor technology for food products from Steiner Spiralen

Transporting food products naturally presents special requirements for the type of conveyor system utilised. Food must be transported gently and hygienically. Part of transporting food using spiral conveyors is keeping contamination and foreign materials from entering into the material.

As part of transporting food products, the specific advantages of shaftless spiral conveyors from Steiner Spiralen in Kirchdorf pay off.

Rigid spiral conveyors  transport large volumes of material with varying sizes. They are also suitable for perpendicular transport (perpendicular conveyors).

Flexible spiral conveyors made of steel transport food products around horizontal or vertical curves without corners, gear wheels or chains.

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Advantages of shaftless spirals when transporting food products

By doing away with components such as interim bearings or chains, which are part of other transport systems, shaftless spiral conveyors have proven to be extremely efficient in energy consumption, low maintenance and optimally usable for coarse grained material. For example, in the food sector, fruit can be outstandingly transported this way.

Besides the general advantages of shaftless spirals , such as low energy consumption or low maintenance, there are other good reasons for using this conveyor technology, particularly for food products:

  • Gentle transportation of the transport material. The low transport speed and the lack of shafts, corners and pointed components minimises damage or separation of the material especially when transporting food products.
  • Dust-free / hygienic transport Naturally, especially with food products, there is zero tolerance for any kind of contamination to the transported material. The closed system, shaftless spiral conveyors guarantees this.
  • Any consistency - Steiner Spiralen works with you on concepts for transporting materials of various viscosity.

There is almost no limit to the use of shaftless spirals in the food product sector. Almost all types of materials can be transported with the exact yet flexible concept:

  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Coffee beans
  • Bread remains
  • Starch powder
  • Ready-made soups
  • Oats
  • Flour
  • Dried milk, whey powder
  • Nuts
  • Salt
  • Tobacco
  • Tea
  • Dehydrated vegetables
  • Sugar
  • and much more

Installing any desired number of mechanical or automatic gate valves enables the customised transport, dosing and mixing of food products and the use of silos and filling, packing or mixing systems.

Steiner Spiralen - Custom conveyor technology for food products

Steiner Spiralen from Kirchdorf in Bavaria does not deliver off-the-rack products. The conveyor system is developed according to your requirements and project and optimally corresponds to your needs in regards to delivery rate, product care, servicing intensity and energy efficiency. Depending on how complicated the material and transport route are, test runs are frequently a useful step on the way to finding the most goal-oriented solution.

Find a custom solution for your process - Get in touch with Steiner Spiralen!